Fenton residents shocked over subdivision convenant banning minorities

Dark ages.


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FENTON, MO (KPLR) – Some residents of a Fenton neighborhood are up in arms over a nearly seventy year old deed restriction that bans minorities from owning homes there.  The rule clearly cannot be enforced, but for some, just its existence is upsetting.

“That is wrong.  No matter where you’re at it’s wrong,” Dennis smith said.

The neighborhood just off of New Sugar Creek Road has been there since the World War II era. The restrictions are dated October, 1945.  Item number 4 of the rules states no property, “shall ever be owned or occupied by persons not of the Caucasian race, nor by Semites or persons of the Semite race.”

Smith was given a copy when he asked a neighborhood association member for information about fees he is paying.

“In the conversation he said we cannot sell to non-Caucasians, and then he said on the piece…

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